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The Animal Communication Series


Part 1: Introduction to Techniques and Theories

This first class in the series focuses on listening to images, sensations and emotions, developing “feel” for the animals with whom we communicate.  The workshop represents an overview in which the students are plunged headfirst into talking with animals through intuitive exercises with both in-person and distance communication. 


Part 2: Problem Solving and Behavior

In this class, we explore more sophisticated two-way communication as well as hone negotiation and diplomacy skills in order to work with complex behavioral and emotional issues.  In addition to refining conversational skills with animals, the class explores positive, productive techniques for communicating clearly with human clients.


Part 3: Wellness, Illness and Disease

At this level, the students look more closely at the nature of animal energetics, learning to listen to the body as well as to the heart and mind.  We explore scanning for physical dis-ease in its many manifestations, as well as how to work alongside professionals in the animal health field.


Part 4: Transitions, Death and Grief

This workshop focuses on transitions, including sale of an animal, moving homes and rescue scenarios as well as the death and grief processes.  We look at how to support both animal and human through these transitions and ways in which to communicate effectively through intense emotion.  The class also learns to communicate with animals who have passed on.


Part 5: Lost Animals

In addition to tackling the enormous challenge of lost animals—how to locate them, guide them home or direct humans to them—this class has a special focus on communicating with wild animals and the unique approach necessary to reach out to these independent spirits. 

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