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I have the pleasure and honor of working with Brooke with all twelve of my horses and so far one of my eight dogs.  Through Brooke's healing work, I have witnessed a more balanced horse, freedom in their gaits, and a more harmonious herd.  Brooke's guidance through energy and muscle testing in regards to nutrition for my horses has made a significant difference.  One of the horses was very tied up in back, sore, would not move while under saddle and stiff, her muscles were so tight.  After a feed change, her muscles are supple and she is now enjoying trail rides and is much more comfortable.  

One of our dogs suffers from countless allergies, is food aggressive and is always on the move, to say the least.  Through Brooke's healing loving work, our dog is now centered, does not overreact, and through a feed and supplement change, does not itch constantly.  We now have a dog that is a joy to be around.  I look forward to our continual work with all of the four legged companions in the house and barn.  I am so very grateful for Brooke's presence and her gifts.  All of us who are near her "energy" benefit whether she is working on us or not.

— Linda Thomas, owner, Thomas' Tails, Inc.

Brooke Baxter introduced the concept of animal communication as well as some of her techniques at three workshops at Mistover (Pawling, NY) in the autumn of 2008.  Brooke’s experience and her ability to teach others about her approach to her work have proven to be invaluable to my relationship with my horses.  Brooke’s confidence that animals and humans can communicate with each other in many different ways has enabled me to strengthen my ability to trust the messages that come my way from my animals.  Brooke’s willingness and ability to share her gift with us is truly a blessing.

— Jayne Marino, head trainer, Mistover, LLC.

I am the guardian of two amazing horses and cats.  I have been a Healing Arts Practitioner working with people and animals since 1992.  I have learned that staying neutral in support of my companions' health is not easy.  I actively seek other practitioners to assist me in that area.  Brooke and I connected in the middle of 2009.  Shortly after, I moved with my companions from Illinois to Arizona, with the horses living with me for the first time.  She has been the grounded and neutral guide, helping me identify the emotional and physical needs of each animal as we have spent the last year adjusting to a very different  environment and a new marriage.  She has helped me get to know and understand each of their very different personalities, and how to respond to each, and also to see what each of them has to teach me.  My five-year old gelding has developed some hind-end issues that Brooke has been helping to identify and heal through her expertise.  Brooke is a very insightful and experienced professional who is committed to making a difference. We continue to be blessed by her gifts.

— Joyce Barringer, founder, Soaring Spirits

After attending Part 1 of The Animal Communication Series:

Brooke, thank you for knowing how to nurture your own spirit.  Your heart holds enormous love and generosity.  I thank your animals the same for sharing.  You are a beautiful teacher.  Class was a pleasure.  The collective energy in the room was intoxicating.  I came home and everything felt softer, food tasted more luscious, conversation more present.  Wow... great hangover from class!  I look forward to our next crossing.

— Connie Stanislaus, LCSW/Personal Life Coach, Radiant Star Coaching

I knew there was something special about Brooke the day I met her, she radiated positive energy and had a genuine spirit about her that I found very grounding. Animals and humans alike gravitate to her. I had no idea just how instrumental her gift would be in changing my relationship with my recently rescued Appaloosa mare, who had been diagnosed with equine recurrent uveitis and cataracts. Upon recommendation by two well respected veterinarians to put her to sleep and spare her the inevitable fate of going permanently blind, I felt the decision was not in my hands to make and knew I had to make an attempt to consult with Libby about her situation and gain some perspective. I was blown away with not only how on target Brooke was with her reading, but also totally surprised at how in-tune Libby actually was with me. It never occurred to me that we both had similar concerns about the future. I found Brooke's session very healing for the both of us, I feel that we reached a new level of understanding and trust in our relationship, through Brooke's intuit. We are now taking it one day at a time and I have a restored faith in both she and myself. Brooke was able to connect us in a way that I did not imagine was possible. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, she truly has a gift and I hope you give her the opportunity to share it with you, I found it invaluable and am so grateful. Thank you Brooke!

— Ashley Holden, head trainer, South Hill Stables, and founder, Manely Muscles

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